I know we’ve all been inactive recently, but I want to try to revive this game, so if you’re active, could you please send in an ask?


Today’s the official end of the amusement park trip! Finish up your RPs, and head back!

Fourth Event!

You’ll be heading on an amusement park trip this time! Everyone’s taking a bus, and you’ll all be starting at the same place, but after that, you’re all free to do what you want until the end of this event- July 9th! Go on the world’s tallest rollercoaster, take a trip on the Tunnel of Love, head over to the ferris wheel or the carousel! But most importantly, make sure you have fun!~

Oops! Sorry everyone; the camping RP was supposed to end Monday, but everyone still in a RP can still finish!

By the way, I’m (meaning Jen) going to be gone for three weeks starting this Sunday, so if anyone has any problems, there’s still Dara (inabauer) to ask!

Third Event!

It’s almost summertime, and it’s the perfect time to go camping! This time, it’s a school camping trip, so you’re grouped with your tennis team. Guys and girls still stay separate, though. Anyway, somehow, by luck, the campsites are next to each other, so Rikkai’s tents are next to Seigaku’s, who are next to Hyoutei’s, who are next to Shitenhouji’s, who are next to Fudoumine! Here at the campsite, you have a variety of things to do, from whitewater rafting, to making a bonfire (Just try not to burn down your tents while you’re at it!), to swimming in the lake. Have fun, and you’ll be coming home on June 17th!


Because the following blogs haven’t posted for about a month, if they don’t post again within the next week, they’ll be up for grabs again.



Ritsuka and Tooyama also have not posted for about a month, but the RPer has posted on a different account, so while that’s not supposed to happen, it’s alright. 

Today’s the official end of the onsen trip, so after finishing any threads you’re on in the onsen, please treat it as though your character is back!

Because Oshitari Yuushi just joined, he’s been added to Room One, so please remember that while playing!